Savanna Biome

Average precipitation and temperature in the savanna

There are actually two very different seasons in a savanna; a very long dry season (winter), and a very wet season (summer). In the dry season only an average of about 4 inches of rain falls. Between December and February no rain will fall at all. Oddly enough, it is actually a little cooler during this dry season. But don't expect sweater weather; it is still around 70° F.

In the summer there is lots of rain. In Africa the monsoon rains begin in May. An average of 15 to 25 inches of rain falls during this time. It gets hot and very humid during the rainy season.Average Annual Rainfall- 59 in. 
Average Annual Rainfall- 59 in. 
Average Temperatures in the Dry Season- 93º 
Average Temperatures in the Wet Season- 61

Clothing and Special Equipment

In the savanna you would pack a tent, water, shorts, t-shirts, sandals and a hat. At night you would need a light blanket to keep you warm. Camping is good in the Savanna so you would need to bring camping materials.